A working smoke alarm save lives!

With the shoehorn Testhornet you can test your smoke alarm fast, easy and safe!

Testhornet is a well-designed and multifunctional shoehorn.
Test your smoke alarm without having to stand up on a chair.

Suitable for most smoke alarm test buttons

The top of Testhornet is designed to suit the majority of the market’s smoke alarm test buttons.

Instruction on every shoehorn – reminder

A simple instruction is included on the back of every shoehorn. Works as an important reminder!

A long shoehorn for daily use – high quality

Testhornet is highly appreciated for its 78 cm length. You don’t have to bend down when putting on your shoes!

Fast, Easy and Safe


”I have been working as a firefighter in Sweden since 1983 and still do. Now it’s with great satisfaction I can help people outside my full time job aswell, with something that has been a major problem – that people do not test their important smoke alarms.”

– Anders Hansson

”Testhornet – a shoehorn that can save lives. Innovative, brilliant and safe.”

Testhornet is an award winner and has won the award Årets Smarta Sak 2011 (Years Smart Gadget) in Sweden and Genius Award Winner 2014 for Best Innovative High Profile Product at PSI Messe Düsseldorf in Germany.

Testhornet® – Made in Sweden

Testhornet is a swedish innovation, manufactured in Sweden and trademarked in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Testhornet in any color you want

The default colors are white, black and red. But Testhornet can be made in any desired color when ordering a minimum of 3000 units.


A practical shoehorn that can really help protect and save lives and loss of property.

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Please contact us if you are interested in this product and want to become a reseller.

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Product information

For information about logos & printing possibilities and the production of Testhornet.

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