Product information & printing instructions

Testhornet® – Made in Sweden

Testhornet is an anatomical, robust and well-designed shoehorn with a patented design that is suitable for testing the majority of market’s smoke-alarm test buttons. Testhornet is internationally trademarked in Europe, the United States and Australia.

  • It is made of high quality recyclable ABS-plastic.
  • It is 78 cm long and weighs 120 grams.
  • Testhornet comes with a simple and brief instruction on the back.
  • The default colors are white, black and red.
  • Testhornet can be manufactured in any desired colour code when ordering a minimum of 3000 units.

Contact us for more information and delivery.

Manufactured by V-Plast AB in Väckelsång

V-Plast AB is a family company that produces injection molded plastic products in all types of thermoplastic. All manufacturing is quality and environmentally certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001 and SS-EN ISO 9001. It is very important to me that it is produced correctly and meets all the rules and regulations!

Printing by Petterséns Tryck AB

The printing on Testhornet is taken care of by Petterséns Tryck AB, based in Halmstad, Halland. It is done with great precision using environmentally friendly colour. They provide a proof for you to approve before printing begins, to ensure everything is exactly as you require it. This is also a family business with many years experience in the industry.

Printing Instructions

  • Please send your logo vectorised, in an eps or pdf file.
  • The logo should contain PMS colours.

The recommended print areas on the front and back of Testhornet are shown above. The instruction with Testhornet’s trademark man on the back is included on every item.

Prices are based on the number of inks used per location:

  • If your logo consists of two colors, it means two presses and three colors mean three presses, etc.
  • If your logo consists of one color but spreads over three locations, it means three presses.

There may be several companies on the same Testhornet, see example below. Contact us for suggestions and pricing.

Decals of your own design – an alternative or additional extra

Reminders, checklists or other messages of your own design.
Sticker 27 × 2.8 cm in 4-colour print. See examples below.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!