References & companies that use Testhornet

Testhornet in promotions and events

Various insurance companies in the Nordic region use Testhornet as a giveaway in promotions and events. The shoehorn fits perfectly into their business because a functioning smoke alarm both saves lives and property. They earn from it, both customers and the insurance companies.

Testhornet is a very popular giveaway!

“Seniormässan (The Senior Expo) was a real success. Over 500 people tried to extinguish a fire with fire extinguishers and they received Testhornet as a reward. The questions were many and thankfully everyone that took part had a smoke-alarm. However, it turned out that many were not regularly tested and a surprisingly large number had placed the smoke-alarm on a bookshelf. Testhornet’s stand really did attract a lot of people and interest.”
–Lars Wendel, Vice Chairman, Fire Protection Association, Värmland, Fire Chief and previously Head of Information for Rescue Services, for the Karlstads region

We have confidence that more people will test their smoke-alarms more frequently!

“When renting out an apartment, we at Lundbergs, make sure that the apartment is equipped with at least one smoke-alarm and that it is fully functioning when occupants move in. The difficulty is ensuring that our tenants then test their smoke-alarms regularly. By investing in Testhornet we have simplified that process. Thanks to Testhornet, we are confident that more people will test their smoke-alarms more often and thereby prevent fire related accidents.”
–Jessica Ohlsson, Communications Officer Fastighets AB L E Lundberg

Finally a real shoehorn!

“After many years in the shoe industry, I have seen many different shoehorns. The length and quality of Testhornet is very good. And if I’m honest, I’ve been bad with testing my own smoke-alarm, but now it’s easy – totally unbelievable.”
–Tage Sundblad, Cobbler, Tage Skomakeri in Lund

Testhornet in the Nordic region

Testhornet is supported by various fire organisations in the Nordic region.
Below is a selection from each country.