Early detection of fire saves lives, saves property and unnecessary suffering

The Fire Service’s objective is to detect a fire as early as possible. House fires occur 17 times a day in Sweden. 80% are because of forgetfulness and negligence – you simply forgot! Food on the stove and candles are the most common causes of house fires. 20% are due to technical issues. Electrical installations, computers, chargers and televisions, etc. We have all electrical installations and gadgets at home. So, even if you are one of those people who “NEVER” forgets something, we are all vulnerable… the 20%… The stove fire in the picture was small only because the smoke-alarm detected it and it was put out quickly. When I am thinking about the smallest fire I have attended to during my 34 years in the profession, I would not want it to happen in my own house. Thankfully that’s not the case but I am very aware that everyone is a potential statistic, even me